We are now greater than the sum of the individual parts that’s absolutely clear and for me if you put it into real practicality and you look at each of the entities that are now together as part of SNC oil and gas. We have about a hundred years of experience. There are very few services that we have not deployed have not executed or not provided. There are actually very few regions of the world where we are not working or we have not worked. There are very few customers who we don’t know. Customers are typically consistent and they require from us as service providers to be consistent to do what we say but equally they are looking for us to be cost-effective and bring innovation to the development of their projects and to create projects that have got a high degree of capital efficiency.

What it means to us and SNC Lavalin is really quite clear we need to use the intellects the knowledge the innovation within the organization to actually provide clients with solutions that further lower the cost of the capital and will still allow us to maintain our overall margins and allow us to invest in our business to grow. Today capital efficiency is about contractors engineers scientists consultants taking creative ideas and actually producing hydrocarbon products at a lower cost per barrel or a lower cost per BTU. In addition to that customers want for us having conceived a project having acheived the investment decision customers want us to build it to the customer’s schedule in the most safe manner possible.

Safety really is at the heart of what we do it’s in the DNA of our organization it’s one of our core values. No matter what stage the client’s asset is at; whether it be a conceptual phase an execution phase a handover phase a sustaining capital phase or a decommissioning phase. No matter what stage the asset is at in its life; SNC Lavalin today has always got something to offer..